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 Proudly serving Bothell, Kenmore, Mill Creek, Kirkland, and Woodinville since 1972


Travel Overview

Do you want to escape, run away from home, meet new friends, see interesting sites, and share adventures with interesting people? Then you need to stop at the “Bookie Office” yes, our fun way of serving you out of the “Travel Office”. Meet real Bookies, the folks who dream up, facilitate and often accompany you on your trip. We have several multi passenger vans (known as Bookie vans) with seating for 7 and 13 passengers for day trips. And we engage other carriers for further away “big adventures” like Mt. Saint Helens or visiting wineries in Yakima. We also sponsor group Alaskan cruises, and overnights to Victoria, and group tours of Europe. 

Have a nice trip, Buon viaggio! Bon voyage! buen viaje!   Gute Reisen!

See our Catalog for Current Offering!

Everett Naval BaseNSC Bothell trips:
(425) 487-2441

Kenmore Senior Center trips:
(425) 489-0707

Mill Creek Senior Center trips:
(425) 948-7170