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Frequently Asked Questions about Trips

Q: Do Bookies really take bets?

A: No. “Bookie” is the familiar form of the name for the people who work in the Travel Office and book you onto a trip. All our bookies are volunteers and take no personal commissions. Bookies do take strenuous training as “Rookie Bookies” to ensure you receive our very best service. Some ‘Bookies” are former travel agents, some are world travelers, all are fun loving, neat, caring folks.

Q: Does the Bookie Office have rail trips, National Parks trips, Mediterranean Cruises, Octoberfest trips to Leavenworth, Balloon festival trips to Albuquerque, and Clipper Vacation trips to Victoria?

A: Yes we have arrangements with our travel partners Colette Tours, Clipper Vacations, Cruise Holidays of Woodinville, Alki Tours, Easy Going Outings and more. And best of all when you sign up with us for your tour, you get special group rates and at no additional cost to you, the Center receives a commission that is added to the Center’s transportation budget.

Q: How do I learn about what trips the Bookie Office offers?

A: Day trips are listed in the Quarterly newsletters, and on the bulletin board outside the Bookie Office. Flyers on cruises and tours are available inside the office, and on-line under trips and tours tab.

Q: How much do trips cost?

A: Day trips costs are based on mileage, admission fees, lunch costs, and a small commission for NSC. Other trip operators offer their venues at group rates. Costs of trips are listed in trip descriptions. Non-members will be assessed an additional $5 per trip.

Q: Will the Bookie Office help find me a roommate for a cruise?

A: Yes, we maintain a roommates wanted list.

Q: What if I want assistance in planning my own trip?

A: While we specialize in group trips, we can put you in touch with our source people for customizing your trip.

Q: Can the Bookie office help me with my airlines reservations?

A: No; Since there are so many variables, you will need to make your own reservations.

Q: I have some special needs. Can I take a trip? 

A: Participants must be able to travel independently or, if needed, provide their own helpers who are willing and able to provide assistance. We do not have wheelchair access nor storage room for bulky walkers. Please identify your special needs to the Bookie when signing up; we will attempt to make reasonable accommodations.

Q: Where do the trips leave from?

A: See the Where to Park page.



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