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Early Stage Memory Loss Programs

Early Stage Memory Loss (ESML) is characterized by mild to moderate cognitive decline. Someone with ESML may have problems with their memory (word finding or recalling names) or their ability to concentrate and perform complex tasks. It is not always possible to obtain a diagnosis in this early stage.


Brain Fitness Club
The Brain Fitness Club is a social day program offering physical, mental, and social activities for individuals with early stage memory loss.  Brain Fitness incorporates the principles of self management of chronic conditions - the importance of engaging in behaviors and activities that promote health and helping individuals factor memory loss into life so that the memory impairment does not become the focus of one’s life. Brain Fitness includes programming in the areas of: stress reduction, mental stimulation & creative pursuits, nutrition, physical activity, and social engagement.

It can also be a transitional phase for both the caregiver and the person experiencing memory loss. This program allows for participation at both our senior center and our adult day health program, utilizing resources from both programs. The hope is to provide a slow transition while teaching skills to work within their current memory deficits.

For more information, please contact Candice Whelen, (425) 488-4821 or at CandiceW@mynorthshore.org