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Dragon NaturallySpeaking for DVR Clients
Steps for Vocational Counselors to Authorize and Obtain Assessment and Training
Referral Form
Use the referral form to authorize Dragon NaturallySpeaking assessment and training. Please complete the form with the following information.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) contact information
  • Client contact information
  • Projected Vocational Goal
  • Current Vocational Plan
  • Estimation of Client Needs for Dragon Training
  • Specify Requested Services
Mail or fax completed form to:
            Northshore Health & Wellness Center
            c/o Judi Pirone
            10212 E. Riverside Dr.
            Bothell, WA 98011
            Fax: 425-483-3001
AFP (Authorization for Purchase)
Along with the referral form, please include an AFP for the requested services. 
Assessment and Initial Training with Written Report
$200 for DVR clients
The Assessment evaluates how the client's impairment affects their ability to operate a computer and create text and the capacity of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to overcome the impairment and aid in realizing their vocational goal. The assessment will evaluate whether their cognitive and verbal skills are appropriate to effectively learn and utilize Dragon. The assessment also looks at the client's vocational goal as it relates to future training needs in Dragon.
Initial training during the assessment involves an introduction and demonstration of the capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition. Then the client creates a voice file for Dragon and is evaluated on their skills in performing basic voice dictation.
The assessment and initial training requires 2-4 hours to complete. An assessment report will then be issued detailing the results including client background information, a computer and assistive technology assessment, potential concerns, impressions, outcome of the initial training, and recommendations for additional training as warranted. 
Additional Training
$65 per hour
Additional training as necessary to support the vocational plan and as recommended in the assessment report, will be described in terms of Training Modules. Additional training time, beyond the initial training provided as part of the assessment, can be requested at the time of the initial referral or after the assessment has been completed; whichever is most practical.
Any additional time spent on software/hardware installation, setup, maintenance, and other technical consultation and support will be billed at $50/hour.
Final Report

After the additional training has been completed, a final report will be provided detailing the training outcomes, skills obtained, strengths and weaknesses in Dragon usage, summary comments and ongoing recommendations if appropriate.