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Northshore Senior Center Northshore Senior Center

About Us





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 Proudly serving Bothell, Kenmore, Mill Creek, Kirkland, and Woodinville since 1972





Brooke Knight

Chief Executive Officer

425-286-1023  BrookeK@MyNorthshore.org 

Zorna Kimball

Bothell Operations Manager 

425-286-1076 ZornaK@MyNorthshore.org

Kerri Schwindt

Program Manager Bothell  

425-286-1030 KerriS@MyNorthshore.org

 Cliff Perry

Transportation Operations Manager

 425-286-1075  CliffP@MyNorthshore.org

Pasha Mohajerjasbi

Kenmore Coordinator

425-286-1032  PashaM@MyNorthshore.org

JoJo Paslay

Administrative Assistant

425-286-1020 JojoP@MyNorthshore.org

Lydia Barnsley

Licensed Practical Nurse

425-286-1029 LydiaB@Mynorthshore.org


Leah Walz

Staff Accountant

425-286-1053 LeahW@MyNorthshore.org  

Ken Childs

Technology Systems Specialists

425-286-1056 KenC@MyNorthshore.org

Harry Hurst

Facilities Coordinator

425-354-0196  HHorst@mynorthshore.org

Judi Pirone

Adult Day Health Program and Health & Wellness Center Manager

425-286-1037 JudiP@MyNorthshore.org

Janet Zielasko

Social Services Program Manager

425-286-1035 JanetZ@MyNorthshore.org

Cindy Tang, MSW

Mental Health Professional

425-286-10247  CindyT@MyNorthshore.org

Gul Subaykan

Community Resource Specialist

425-286-1072 GulS@MyNorthshore.org

Corey Lowell

Senior Program Director

425-286-1049  CoreyL@MyNorthshore.org

Sal Garcia

Fitness Specialist

425-488-4821 SalG@MyNorthshore.org

Garreth Jeffers

Community Ambassador


 Jay Cho

Mill Creek Coordinator

425-948-7170  JayC@MyNorthshore.org







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